Institutional clients

ODIN provides institutional clients with customised and close monitoring of their own institutional advisers. Monitoring and reporting on perceptions of the market, portfolio status and fund summaries are flexible and tailored to investor requirements for frequency and scope.

ODIN creates value for the future

We don't swim with the current, but believe that fund management is just as much an art as a science. Our results are based on long and faithful service guided by our philosophy, that centres on finding the companies others in the market have overseen.

Trading routines

Transparent and flexible
We want it to be transparent, simple and flexible to trade in ODIN's fund. That's why we have made an overview of the portfolio and trading available electronically. Investment in ODIN's institutional funds is made directly via ODIN.

Monitoring and reporting

Individual customisation
ODIN aims to ensure high quality when monitoring, reporting and providing customer service. Our institutional investors are provided with individually-tailored monitoring and reporting. We customise monitoring routines to the needs of our investors to ensure the best possible service.

Our fund managers

Good teamwork is decisive
The ODIN team shares knowledge and information, and we know that the best results are created when we work together towards a goal. That's why we base our fund management culture on good teamwork, and in the following are details about each of us.

Contact persons