Institutional funds

ODIN institutional funds are competitive versions of our funds for larger investments. Through ODIN’s institutional fund you will be co-owner of attractive low-priced quality listed companies. Companies that are well positioned in the market and who have demonstrated the ability to deliver great value over time. This forms the best basis for achieving high returns.

This is ODIN's institutional funds

To accommodate the institutional market ODIN offers institutional equity funds. We offer institutional issue of management mandates in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Scandinavia, Europe, Global and Real Estate. The minimum subscription amount is 10 million NOK, except ODIN Property which has 1 million minimum NOK subscription.

Our equity funds are managed by an active, value-oriented investment philosophy, where we look for undervalued quality companies that have the ability to generate high long-term value. ODIN’s objective is to provide unitholders highest absolute returns over time.

How to invest in institutional funds