Monitoring and reporting

ODIN aims to ensure high quality when monitoring, reporting and providing customer service. Our institutional investors are offered individually-tailored monitoring and reporting. We customise monitoring routines to the needs of our investors to ensure the best possible service.

Monitoring and reporting on perceptions of the market, portfolio status and fund review are flexible and tailored to investors’ requirements for frequency and scope. Our monthly reporting consists of an overview of the portfolio, updated fund facts with key figures for ROI and risk per fund, along with the fund manager’s fund comments and ODIN’s general macroeconomic comments. ESG reporting can also be arranged.

Overview of the portfolio

ODIN compiles a monthly overview of the portfolio’s holdings per fund and in total, which is sent to the investors electronically. Market value, cost price and calculation of unrealised profit/loss per fund and in total for the portfolio are presented here in accordance with guidelines.

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Key figures and portfolio composition

The fund’s key figures for ROI, risk and portfolio composition are updated every month on its landing page. We also provide contribution and attribution analyses. The contribution analysis shows which contributors have generated ROI over the past month and past year, broken down by country, sector and all the way down to the company level. The attribution analysis shows the relative contributors in relation to the trend in the fund’s reference index in the past month and past year, broken down by country, sector and all the way down to the company level.

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ESG-rapport (ESG – Environment, Social, Governance)

ODIN Forvaltning was one of the first fund managers in Norway to sign the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). We signed UNPRI on 29 June 2012, and have integrated the six principles into our investment philosophy. ODIN is a responsible, long-term investor and can compile a summary of activities that have been undertaken in the ESG area.

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