Redemption of ODIN funds

An order to redeem fund units is placed by fax or sent by mail. The execution of the order is conditional upon the unit holder stating ODIN account number in connection with placing the order.

It is important that the unit holder states the ODIN account number in connection with a redemption order. A redemption order cannot be made conditional or retracted.


Deadlines/cut-off for redemption

Our Nordic and European funds
Fund Deadline
ODIN Norge C at 12.00
ODIN Sverige C at 12.00
ODIN Norden C at 12.00
ODIN Europa C at 12.00
ODIN Eiendom C (Real Estate) at 12.00
Our global funds
Fund Deadline
ODIN Global C at 15.00
ODIN USA C at 15.00
ODIN Emerging Markets C at 15.00

Non-trading days

All ODIN Funds are closed for trading on saturdays, sundays and norwegian holydays. The funds are also closed for trading if more than 20 percent of the funds portfolio is inmarkets that are closed, due to national holidays, strike etc.

ODIN Non Trading Days 2021

ODIN Non Trading Days (Institutional funds) 2021


When do I see the money on my bank account?

ODIN normally pays the amount for the redeemed units into the bank account notified on the third banking day after the date when the unit price has been calculated.

Payment for redeemed units is made in NOK, SEK or EUR. This amount may be converted into another currency in the receiving bank at the unit holder’s expense and exchange rate risk.

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