ODIN introduces unit classes in eight equity funds

ODIN is establishing new unit classes in Swedish krona (SEK) and Euro (EUR).

The introduction of new unit classes has no practical consequences for Norwegian customers with fund units in Norwegian kroner. Furthermore, there will be no added costs.

For customers with fund units in Swedish krona (SEK) in one or more of ODIN’s equity funds, the fund units will be transferred to the new SEK unit classes. The same applies to Finnish customers and EUR.

The following funds are affected by the change:

  • ODIN Eiendom
  • ODIN Emerging Markets
  • ODIN Europa
  • ODIN Global
  • ODIN Norden
  • ODIN Norge
  • ODIN Sverige

The only noticeable difference is that the relevant currency will be visible at the end of the fund’s name. If you have ODIN Norge C in Norwegian kroner (NOK), for example, the fund will simply appear as ODIN Norge C NOK.

The change will take effect on September 15, 2021.