ODIN appoints new CIO

Alexander Miller has been appointed the new Investment Director at ODIN Forvaltning, one of Norway’s leading investment managers, effective 1st January 2021.

Alexander Miller has been appointed as Investment Director at ODIN Forvaltning and will take up his appointment on 1st January 2021. Miller joins from his previous role as Investment Director for Eika Kapitalforvaltning. He has worked in capital management and finance since the late 1990s and has extensive experience in the industry.

Miller was Investment Director at Eika for two spells of four years over the period from 1997 to 2006. He has also held this post during the last year prior to being recruited to the team at ODIN. From 2006 to 2015, he headed up Ferd Invest with particularly responsibility for the Ferd Group’s listed investments in the Nordic region. From 2016 to 2019, he was Investment Director at Sea Tankers, which is John Fredriksen’s privately-owned investment firm.

Will Continue the ODIN Model

The management team at ODIN are doing a great job and have a strong track record in that area, which is in line with the company’s established investment philosophy – the ODIN model. Miller intends to extend this philosophy in his new role as Investment Director.

‘We are thrilled to have Alexander on board as our new Investment Director. He has hard-hitting, extensive experience from the management industry, and I am convinced that he will be an asset to ODIN’s organisation and overall culture. I am confident that Alexander will continue our established investment philosophy in the best way possible, and I’m looking forward to working together with him,’ says Bjørn Kristiansen, CEO of ODIN.

In addition to his substantial industry experience, Miller holds an MBA from the University of Wyoming in the USA and he is a Chartered Financial Analyst having qualified at the BI Norwegian Business School.

‘I’m proud and humbled to have been given the opportunity to come aboard and continue developing one of Norway’s biggest and best management teams. ODIN has a strong brand and an investment philosophy that I have great faith in – I look forward to continuing it. I am eagerly anticipating working together with my talented new colleagues at ODIN Forvaltning,’ says Miller.