Information on sustainability in our funds

Sustainability risk impacts the companies’ value creation over time, and sustainability assessments are therefore a key element of all investment decisions.

The fund takes environmental and social characteristics into account in the assessment of individual companies. Corporate governance assessments are also at the core of our analyses.

We take into account negative effects a company may have through our company analyzes. It’s about what companies do and how they do it. The analyzes lead us to exclude certain companies and sectors that are involved in unfortunate products, such as controversial weapons, or in breaches of international norms. This includes companies with a large negative climate and environmental impact, companies that violate human rights or companies where corruption and / or economic crime have been proven.

We use active ownership to influence companies for improvement. The first step is to measure the current situation. That is why we measure, among other things, the carbon footprint in our funds. In this way, we put the companies’ carbon emissions on the agenda. We also review the portfolios regularly to uncover any breaches of our expectations and requirements. In the event of a breach, we as active owners will try to influence the company to make improvements.