Fund merger approved

On Tuesday, September 17, a shareholder meeting was held in connection with the planned merger of the mutual funds ODIN Finland and ODIN Norden, as well as the mutual funds ODIN Energy and ODIN Global.

A merger can be carried through if at least 75 percent of the shares represented in the shareholder meeting, vote for such a decision. The shareholder meeting has, by a large majority, approved the mergers, and the merger date is set for November 25, 2019.

Below you will find the results from the voting at the shareholder meeting:

Fund merger between ODIN Finland and ODIN Norden

ODIN Finland
The merger was approved with 97.09 percent of the votes.

ODIN Norden
The merger was approved with 99.78 percent of the votes.

Merger between ODIN Energy and ODIN Global

ODIN Energi
The merger was approved with 97.37 per cent of the votes.

ODIN Global
The merger was approved with 99.35 percent of the votes.