All you need to know about the merger in ODIN Europe and ODIN Global

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the merger of ODIN Europe with ODIN Global.

Why is ODIN Europe merging with ODIN Global?
The reason for the planned merger is that ODIN Europe has had a declining customer base in recent years and there has been low demand for the fund.

Merging the fund is considered to be a better option for the unit holders than closing it down. Merging ODIN Global with ODIN Europe will continue to give the unit holders exposure to European companies, even though ODIN Global has a broader mandate. The merger will give ODIN Global a larger capital base and pave the way for strengthened and more efficient management.

What happens to my fund units in the merger?
Your fund units in ODIN Europe are converted into units in ODIN Global.
The new fund units are calculated on the basis of a merger ratio.

The merger ratio is calculated as follows: The starting point is the price date on the merger date, then the price of the fund from which you are merged (transferor fund) is divided by the price of the fund you are merged into (transferee fund). Then you get the merger relationship that is the basis for your new fund units.

Thus, it is as follows: Number of new fund units = Merger ratio X,xxxxx multiplied by the number of fund units you had in of the transferor fund.

Can ODIN merge funds however they want?
No. ODIN must apply to Finanstilsynet for permission.

What happens to taxes?
The merger does not entail any tax realisation. In other words, you do not have to pay tax in the event of a merger.

What happens to tax if I have an unrealized gain?
The merger does not entail any tax realisation, iIn other words you do not have to pay tax on your gain in the event of a merger.

What happens if I have an unrealized loss?
The unrealized loss you have on your fund units is carried forward. This is because the loss depends on the what you paid for it, so-called cost price. If the value of that fund unit is lower than what you paid for it, you have an unrealized loss on your investment. the original cost price is continued into your holdings in ODIN Global and added to the FIFO series.

Will this cost me anything?

No, there are no fees or costs applied to you as a customer and unit holder.

As a customer of ODIN Global, will I still have exposure to the companies in ODIN Europe through the merger?
ODIN Global and ODIN Europe follows the same investment philosophy and have exposure to similar portfolio companies)

Why are we doing this with ODIN Europe?
ODIN has managed ODIN Europe since 1999 and the fund has created good value for clients. But in recent years, we see that there has been declining interest in a pure Europe fund. Through ODIN Global, you will continue to have exposure to the European market.