Jonathan Schönbäck

Jonathan has a Master in economics with a specialization in finance at Uppsala University as well as studies corresponding to a philosophy candidate in mathematics at Uppsala University of Technology. Jonathan has over 11 years of experience in quality investments as manager of “Selective Funds” at Handelsbanken.

Background and experience

Jonathan has worked in ODIN since July 2019 and is based in Stockholm.

Previously, Jonathan worked as an asset manager at Handelsbanken where he was a part of the Selective management between 2008 and 2019. Jonathan worked with focused quality investments with a long-term investment horizon. He was involved in all selective funds, meaning Sweden, the Nordic countries, Europe, Global and a hedge fund. From June 2013, he was the principal responsible asset manager for the AstraZeneca Allemansfond and since January 2014 he was the principal responsible asset manager for Sweden Selective – both of which were among the top five in five years’ history when he left Handelsbanken in May 2019. Jonathan was also central to the development of the screening and analysis model that was the basis for the selective management. Between 2017-2019 he was the main responsible for the selective management.